ContentMOBI is a Mobile Site, SMS / Text Messaging and Mobile publishing platform for Business developed by ContentActive, LLC. Its is used to businesses to communicate with their customers quickly and easily.

It allows for increased communication to customers through mobile devices and smartphones.
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Service Providers

 Increased ARPU

The ContentMOBI system was designed increase Average Revenue Per User by proving a system that auto-provisions accounts and works with 3rd party or custom provisioning systems. This increases time to deliver mobile solutions to your customers. 
  Revenue Share/Support

ContentMOBI will work to negotiate a Revenue Share arangement that is a win win for both parties. ContentMOBI can provide full dedicated Sales training and Support nationwide for your employees and clients.
Customized Solutions

Whether you want to build mobile websites for 10 or 10,000 of your clients, ContentMOBI is ready with a turn-key program that will fit your needs and budget. We can provide integrated and customized solutions for you and your Enterprise Partners.