ContentMOBI is a Mobile Site, SMS / Text Messaging and Mobile publishing platform for Business developed by ContentActive, LLC. Its is used to businesses to communicate with their customers quickly and easily.

It allows for increased communication to customers through mobile devices and smartphones.
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Easy Publishing

Content Mobi Mobile websites
Easy to manage content and preview in iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad layout. Create compelling content for all of your mobile needs.


WYSIWYG editing makes it easy to enter content the way you want it. Cut and Paste from Documents, Email, the Web and more.

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Webpage to Mobile Conversion

Pull the content that you want from your website in realtime. Simply enter the URL of each page and guage how much or little content you want to pull.

Geo Location/Social Media/Widgets

Pull videos, photos and content from your favorite social media sites. Use Geo Location to give your mobile users the ability to find you or your locations.

Marketing with SMS and QR Codes

Use SMS messaging to bring customers to you. Setup keywords on the fly or schedule SMS to remind your customers of your appointment. Use QR Codes to create loyalty.


Plugin Analytics, Ads, Custom Code

Incorporate Google Analytics to view traffic of your mobile site. Monitize with Admob and other Ad serving solutions. Customize look and feel to your brand.